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Maestro Certification

Maestro Certification

Are you a grape nerd?  Ready to get serious about the intricate (but infinitely rewarding) world of Italian native grapes and winemaking?  Then take the Maestro class with me.  Eight course sessions designed to cover the fundamentals (and nuances) of Italian grapes, wine, and winemaking will earn you Maestro certification from Vinitaly International.  The absolute best way to take your game to the next level.

This course introduces students to the wealth of Italian native grape varieties that are fundamental to understanding Italy’s complex and fascinating wines.

The focus on native grapes as well as regional appellations sets this course apart from many others and provides a unique depth of knowledge and understanding. As the complementary base course to VIA’s education system, Italian Wine Mastro is not only the stoning course to the higher level Italian Wine Ambassador qualification but also resonates with the continuous contribution from the evolving VIA world community. Ultimately, the VIA qualifications aim to be the gold standard of Italian Wine Education, under the guidance of its founder Stevie Kim, VIA Chief scientist Prof. Attilio Scienza and supported by the Institutional Advisory board members. At the end of the Italian Wine Maestro, students will take a written exam consisting of 50 questions in one hour. There will also be a 30 minute tasting component consisting of one white and one red each marked out of 10.

Learning Outcomes

The theory of Italian wine and native wine grapes

  1. Understand and explain the history, geography, wine laws and labelling of Italian wines and styles.
  2. Describe and understand the key factors that influence the characteristics and differences between Italian native grape varieties.
  3. Describe and understand the key production factors that influence the characteristics and differences between Regional Italian wine styles including sparkling, dry, fortified & sweet wines.
  4. Be able to provide accurate, authentic and credible information and advice on Italian wines.

Wine Education, Wine-Tasting, Events and Travel.

These services are for individuals and groups looking to enjoy and learn more about Italian wines through online classes, in-person or virtual tasting events, or even customized, guided tours of different wine-making regions of Italy. These same services are also for corporate and industry groups who are looking to broaden their Italian wine knowledge or simply team-build. Finally, for those who really want to dive deep into the world of Italian grapes, Petra also offers the full Maestro Course Certification – a program developed by Vinitialy International Academy.


If you want to organize a party and want to turn it into a fun and educational event, contact me! Add some cheese to the mix? The Venissimo cheese monger will join me and you’ll have fun learning more also about Italian cheeses and pair them with Italian wines! 


Do you want to learn more about native grapes of Italy and its wines? Book your virtual tasting and select from different topics from the menu below. Invite your friends to the party, get together with friends that are far away and share the experience with them.

Maestro Certification


Are you a grape nerd? Do you want to learn how to navigate the intricated world of Italian Native Grape? Take this Maestro course certification class with me – it is a 8 sessions course and you will get the Maestro Certification, issued by Vinitaly International.

Services to the Industry

These services are for restaurants, wine bars and wine shops in need of advice and support for their Italian wine program and/or for staff training purposes.


Petra Belliti has been working with numerous restaurants in Italy as well as in San Diego, CA. She has been bringing in new flavor profiles from, boutique wineries in Italy that will make your guests delighted while browsing your wine list.

wine tasting


Is your staff knowledgeable about Italian Wines. You might have the best curated wine list in the world, if your staff is not knowledgeable about those wines, they will have a hard time pairing those wines to your clients, and therefore not optimizing sales.


As a restaurant general manager with over 10 years of “on the floor” experience, I can assist in all aspects of day-to-day restaurant operations.  In short, I can help your business run more smoothly and productively, increasing both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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